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The 2nd International Conference on Appreciative Inquiry

Creating Extraordinary Organizations for Business and Society


Business, the motor of our society, has the opportunity to be the new creative force on the planet, a force which could contribute to the well-being of many . . . the modern corporation is as adaptable an organizational form as has ever been invented, so that in a time of fundamental change it may be expected to be on the cutting edge.

—Willis Harmon



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The Virtual Conference is open through Jan 1, 2005!

Appreciative Inquiry Consulting LLC is committed to making Appreciative Inquiry accessible to people around the globe.

We are pleased to announce the Second International Conference on Appreciative Inquiry—Creating Extraordinary Organizations for Business and Society—ONLINE.

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What You’ll Get:

Access to the virtual conference site through January 1, 2005.

  • Over 7 hours of Core Content from the Miami Conference Plenaries in streaming video format, featuring Frank Barrett, Paula Comunelli, David Cooperrider, Charlotte Dalsgaard, Jim Ludema, Adrian McLean, Bernard Mohr, Judy Rodgers, Tony Silbert and Diana Whitney!
  • Ten Round Table presentations of AI applied in specific contexts (including Marketing, Diversity, Leadership, Budget Shortfalls, Community Development... the list goes on!)
  • Latest version of presenters' PowerPoint slides
  • A Directory of conference participants and presenters so you can connect with others and they can connect with you around areas of mutual interest
  • Growing resource Library of excellent AI reference materials, upcoming workshops, Industry Track information (Healthcare, Education, Coaching, etc), and conference sponsor information. Come post your own resources!
  • Chat live and have asynchronous conversations with 300 other participants and presenters around the world! You choose the conversations that interest you most... or browse them all if you like.
  • Automatic email digests of new material once a day so you know when to visit the site!

 Online Conference Sessions

The following sessions are available via streaming video:

  • Opening Session with David Cooperrider
  • Discovery Plenary with Diana Whitney, Jim Ludema, Amanda Trosten-Bloom
  • Executive Roundtable featuring Rodrigo Loures, Nutrimental Foods; Karen Stefaniak, University of Kentucky Hospital; Bob Stiller, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters; and Bob Stull, Roadway Express
  • Dream Plenary with Charlotte Dalsgaard, Judy Rodgers, and Tony Silbert
  • Fireside Chat with Ken & Mary Gergen
  • Design Plenary with Bernard Mohr and Adrian McLean
  • Destiny Plenary with Frank Barrett

The following Application Roundtables are available in voice over powerpoint format:

A01 Creating an Appreciative Organization: Results from a “Viral Strategy” at BP
Neil Samuels and David Gilmour, BP; Bernard Mohr, The Synapse Group

A06 From the Ground Up: Launching a Public Middle School Using AI
James Wightman, Olentangy School District; Chester Bowling, Ohio State University

A08 Celebrating Differences: Using AI as a Catalyst for Diversity Awareness
Cheryl Richardson, CBR Consulting; Ronald Jones, Perlman-Rocque

A10 Socially Responsible Leadership: Lifting Humanity to Positively Transform the World
Jim “Gus” Gustafson, Center for Socially Responsible Leadership

B01 Capitalizing on AI’s Versatility: How Experian Used a Positive Approach in a 24/7 IT Operation Tenny Poole, Experian Credit Services; Tracey Roll, T ‘N T Consulting Group

B12 An Appreciative Approach to Budget Shortfalls: Lessons from the City and County of Denver, Colorado
Lynn Pollard; Margaret Browne, City and County of Denver; Amanda Trosten-Bloom

B13 Creating and Working in the Principle-Based Organization
Judy Rodgers, Center for Business as Agent of World Benefit; Jane Nelson, Harvard University; Kathy Brooks, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

C01 Inspiring Exceptional Customer Service at British Airways, Santa Ana Star Casino, and First Caribbean International Bank
John Cwiklik, Hospitality Consultant; Marco Nozicka, First Caribbean International Bank; Diana Whitney, Corporation for Positive Change; Jim Ludema, Benedictine University

C11 Moving from Communities of Practice to Communities of Significance: Practicality to Passion
Scott Ackerman, Hewlett-Packard; Laurie Maslak, Edging Leadership

C17 Excellence and Beyond: Improving Customer Service and Financial Strength at Methodist Medical Center
Suzanne Koehler, Methodist Medical Center; Ed Groody, Ed Groody & Associates, Inc.

 Technical Information:

The conference environment is designed for various internet access speeds, however a 56K connection (at least) is recommended.

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What Is Appreciative Inquiry?

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a process that focuses on leveraging an organization’s core strengths rather than seeking to overcome or minimize its weaknesses. It is based on a deceptively simple premise: that organizations grow in the direction of what they repeatedly ask questions about and focus their attention on. AI does not seek to change people; instead, it invites people to engage in building the kinds of organizations and communities that everyone wants to work and live in. AI engages whole systems—even hundreds or thousands of people. In doing so, it strengthens an organization’s ability to capitalize on people’s energy and passion, and realize its full potential around a shared vision.